White drinks (Moon Knight, White Tiger)

I received a request for another version of Sabretooth… it is a weird cocktail, I give you that, but I decided to publish it anyway because I personally like it; Test Subjects said that the basic idea is good, “carnal / fleshy” cocktail for such a character, but my approach was just too bizarre. Arrogantly I ignored them 😐

They were right! I was approached by a reader of this humble blog, and he requested for another version for Sabretooth.

So be it, Sabretooth 2.0 coming up… and another drink for a character I feel I’ve mistreated with my cocktail. It’s not bad, just that it’s a “joke drink”; that character deserves more than that.

I’m working on them, I try to create something decent for the next post. Meanwhile we check out couple of white drinks.




2 parts cachaca (or in emergency, white rum)

2 parts peach liqueur (colourless)

1 part De Kyuper Blueberry

4 parts milk

1 part simple syrup

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass, add few ice cubes.

This drink is hard to classify… should it be enjoyed from tall glass, rather than a cocktail glass? Is it a digestif or a party drink for those with serious sweet tooth?

Moon Knight is a mysterious character, and so should his cocktail be. I admit… if a comic book character is “mysterious / grim / dark / etc.” I go for the bitter tinge, all too easily – I personally enjoy it, but I should remember that I’m not just designing cocktails for my own taste.

So, “the mystery” in Moon Knight The Cocktail is the mixture of peach and blueberry; cachaca adds a interesting “kick” for some balance.

If you feel that this drink should be highball try adding some milk, but I feel that other aromas drown somewhere there pretty easily.

Longing for a stronger drink? Try cutting down the amount of milk, and you’ll see it starts to separate – too little milk compared to alcohol volume.




1 part white rum

2 parts Bols Cacao White

2 parts lime juice

2 parts simple syrup

4 parts coconut cream


3 parts Malibu

2 parts lime juice

2 parts simple syrup

4 parts coconut cream

Shake vigorously with ice and strain into a highball glass with lots of crushed ice in it. Green straw.

Hector Alaya hails from Puerto Rico, so I decided that his drink should have (sub)tropical feel. Lime and coconut is a tasty combo, I started with that… and discovered couple of ways to achieve The Feel I was striving for. So I give you two versions of White Tiger 🙂


Next time couple of revisions: Sabretooth, and someone else. Cheers!


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