Red highballs (Carnage, Scarlet Spider)

The weather is HOT! We need cool long drinks to fix that problem… we’ll tackle the issue with a couple of tall glasses filled with red liquid.




3 to 4 parts dry apple cider

4 parts Passoã

1 to 1,5 parts Fernet Branca

Build into a highball glass, add lots of ice.

Carnage sure ain’t no dude to mess around with, the fact I wanted to emphasize with this drink. It’s a highball, but pretty strong; cider and Passoã are kinda gentle combo, outright non-Carnagean… but Fernet Branca gives certain murderous undertone that makes this drink Carnage The Cocktail.

If you find out you used a bit too much Fernet, just add Passoã.




1 part dry or extra dry apple cider

1 part Aperol

1 part cranberry juice

Build into a highball glass, add lots of ice.

And as always… for cranberry juice please use high quality concentrate, diluted with water 1:1 ratio instead of recommendation (usually 3:1 or 4:1).

So what’s with Aperol in Scarlet Spider? Well, Ben Reilly is pretty bitter that he’s constantly confused with Spider-Man – I needed a way to represent that frustration in the drink.


I hope these highballs help you to survive the heat wave. I’ll be back before the end of month 😀


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