Getting hammered (Juggernaut)

This is the last post inspired by melancholy of winter, next time it’s going to be March and I’ll start publishing spring time cocktails: full of joy and anticipation of summer.

However, now we’re living the last stretch of winter… sometimes the only way to survive that bitter battle is to “get hammered”… and who’s the most likely supervillain around to “hammer you around”…?



3 parts gin

3 parts yellow Chartreuse

1 part Kahlúa

Shake with ice and strain into a old fashioned glass filled with ice. Drink too many of these and your head is still “hammering” next day ;P

[EDIT: Looking for a Juggenaut drink inspired by That Famous Line? You can find it here.]

Simple(minded) and brutal: that’s Juggernaut, all right. Actually there is more intrigue design philosophy behind this drink…

My Juggernaut design is based on this Ye Olde Cocktail:


1 part gin

1 part yellow Chartreuse

Shake with ice, as above.

Alaska sure has “Alaskan” feel: dry gin and spicy anise of Chartreuse Jaune create raw and relentless aroma, truly creating a feeling of The Northern Wilderness. It’s a great cocktail, but adding a little Kahlúa “rounds up” the taste a bit… it tempts you to drink it little too fast, considering the alcohol volume; still it maintains “raw and brutal” feel.

So basically Juggernaut is a trap, you end up hammered by it pretty easy, as you would end up by its namesake in a fistfight 😀

This was last in my “Melancholic Superhero Cocktails for Winter 2018-19”-series, next time we’re trying to revive ourselves from hibernation for upcoming spring!

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