Soviets (KGBeast, Rhino)

I designed these two drinks long time ago, I decided I’ll publish them in the middle of the coldest winter: to get “A Siberian Feel”, you know? ;P

Well, no sign of cold winter here in the Southern Finland: no snow, and temperature is well above freezing… so there’s your “Siberia”.

Forecasts give us no hope… looks like winter is cancelled this year (and maybe in the years to come?) so I might as well get it over with and publish these mean Soviet drinks.




4 parts Passõa

2 parts whisky

1 part Cynar (or a dash of Gammel Dansk)

2 parts Mountain Dew

Build into a highball glass, add ice.

KGBeast The Cocktail has a pompous feel (as The May Day Parade in The Red Square) but underlying bitterness, in the form of Cynar or Gammel Dansk, reminds us that not all Soviet forces march in the open… the deadliest of them, assassin codenamed KGBeast, stalks in the shadows…



Dear Estonian Readers: I’m very aware that Estonians didn’t feel like “Soviet Citizens” while under the iron boot of Soviet Union. I’m not trying to draw connection between Estonia and Sickle ‘n Hammer with the picture above… I wanted to use a souvenir shot glass from St. Petersburg, and a strongest vodka I could find was good ol’ Viru Valge 80%. No offence, Estonian Brothers and Sisters… and “Terviseks!” ;P (For utilizing Vana Tallinn in cocktail, please check out Solomon Grundy)


strongest vodka/spirit you can find

dash of rowanberry vodka

dash of red grenadine

Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass. Knock yourself out.

While in Kenya I realized I hadn’t designed a drink for Rhino. Aleksei Sytsevich has a special place in my heart, it all starts decades ago… he was the bad guy in the first ever Finnish issue of The Incredible Hulk. I remember reading the magazine over and over again; back then I thought Rhino was much cooler than Hulk, I admit.

While watching the actual rhinos in the Nakuru National Park, I remembered Rhino; so here we are, with the Killer Recipe!

Juggernaut The Cocktail tries to depict the head-butt of that particular dude… I thought Rhino The Cocktail must do the same, and million times more. Plus it has to have “Rude Soviet Bad Guy Attitude” in the taste! And forget about rhinoceros gray, colour theme should be Socialist Red.

It’s very simple to make… as little moving parts as possible; as in the Soviet tractor ;P It goes without saying that you should be careful while serving these in your superhero-themed cocktail party… but I guess there’s a demand for That One Badass Shot; so this is it. You’ve been warned.


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