Girl Power 9 (Selene, Valkyrie)

Last time we checked out some intensely sour cocktails, for balance we’ll enjoy something more sweet today. Both of the drinks are golden in colour, unless you’ll decide to reach for the black food colouring…



What? It’s not black? I just wanted to show you how Selene The Cocktail looks like without black colouring…


2 parts white rum

2 parts Amaretto di Saronno

1 part yellow Chartreuse

(black food colouring)

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with some ice in it. I’ll guess Selene Fans won’t settle with this golden colour (she is The Black Queen, after all)…so please use black colouring if you’re not pleased with the colour.

Selene The Black Queen has many aspects, her powers are many…how to describe them? I restrained myself, not to get too carried away and come up with a “cocktail of kwazillion ingredients” which no one is never going to try.

Spicy anise of yellow Chartreuse, combined with sweetness of Amaretto creates intense combination, almost too intense… adding white rum “de-intesifies” it a bit, same time adding substance through alcohol content.

I don’t know if this is the best combination for decipting The Black Queen, mutant and magician, thousands of years old… but that’s my take on the character. I hope you enjoy it.

(If you enjoy this drink, you should check out other yellow Chartreuse cocktail, Juggernaut)




2 parts Bols Pear (or similar pear liqueur)

1 part cognac

dash of Rose’s Lime Cordial

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. You’ll probably want to add one small ice cube.

Maybe the colour theme should have been transparent/silver (her armour) and/or blue (the cape)… but I decided to go with the taste, not colour. If this offends the fans, I’ll say the golden colour is inspired by Valkyrie’s blond hair (The Old School comic book version).

So, what about the taste? When you read the list of ingredients, the drink might look like intolerably sweet sludge… but combination of pear liqueur and cognac is actually “pretty ruthless”; so ruthless, I think it was necessary to add a dash of sweetness… Rose’s does the job, also adding to the golden colour and offering a hint of sourness.

And ruthless it should be, considering that Brunnhilde is the leader of Odin’s shield-maidens… but at the same time she’s elegant and beautiful. I hope you’ll enjoy this depiction of Asgardian heroine.


Last time; sour – this time; sweet – next time; bitter. See you then 😀


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