St. Valentine’s Day (Alfred Pennyworth, Edwin Jarvis)

Man’s best friend is his dog, I’m told… but who’s superhero’s/-heroine’s best friend? Faithful butler, of course!

St. Valentine’s day is not far away, so I’ll post couple of hot and heartfelt drinks to be shared with your friends and loved ones in the middle of cold February.

Both “Batman’s Friends and Foes” and “Avengers Assemble!” are updated to include these two recipes, please check them out in Recipes and downloads.




2 parts hot black tea

1 part Midori

(dash of lemon juice)

Build into a tea cup or mug.

You might want to replace Midori with some other sour liqueur, for example Sour Apple (and try adjusting the ratios, maybe add some gin?). Let’s face it: Alfred is an Old School Englishman, pretty uptight and stiff… that’s why his tea cocktail is sour. Nevertheless, he is Bruce Wayne’s most trusted companion.




4 parts hot black tea

1 part DOM Benedictine

(some honey)

Build into a tea cup or mug.

As with Alfred, above, try replacing DOM with other liqueurs… Heering, sloe gin… spice it up with a dash of cognac?

Maybe Alfred is so stiff and sour because he has to spend his time in old dusty Wayne Mansion, or worse, in a damp Bat Cave? Jarvis, instead, gets to hang out in Stark Tower in the middle of Manhattan… how sweet is that?


Yes, hot black tea is an excellent platform for adding your favourite liqueur, sour or sweet. I could drown you into dozens of recipes, “hot tea and this-and-that”… but there’s no point, I just wanted to point out that producing enjoyable cup of tea “with a jolt” is really easy, it’s really hard to screw it up. Just decide if you want sweet or sour (or bitter, if you want to open that door) drink: mixing too different liqueurs usually results in sloppy muddles without a clear essence.


So, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! See you next time! 😀


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