Possessed (Karma, Shadow King)

Today we take a look at two mutants, whose destinies were once twined together – literally.



Vietnamese iced coffee (see below)

Green Chartreuse, to taste

Build into a suitable glass.

I absolutely fell in love with Vietnamese iced coffee the moment I tasted it the first time: strong Robusta flavour rounded with the smoothness of condensed milk, and enough caffeine to wake up the dead. It’s a shame it’s so hard to acquire here in Finland

Xi’an Coy Manh, Vietnamese-French mutant; I decided to approach the character thematically by combining something from both cultures… and Green Chartreuse is a natural choice, aromas blend together effortlessly.

This drink, of course, represents Karma when she is herself… not the grotesque and obese travesty when she was possessed by Shadow King.

I will not make Possessed Karma Cocktail, but I’ll give you the culprit…




4 parts extra dry cider

1 part mezcal

1 part Strega

Build into a innocent-looking glass, add some ice.

Amahl Farouk might appear as a harmless fat guy with fez and sunglasses… but he is evil, E_V_I_L... so his drink appears as harmless refreshment, suitable to be sipped in  gloomy bar, somewhere in the Moroccan back alleys… but the taste screams out the diabolical nature of the character.


Next time… more mutants 🙂


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