Doom Patrol 2/2 (Crazy Jane, Mr. Nobody)

Let’s continue with our Doom Patrol cocktails, but before that… Arriba!

This caught me by the surprise, I didn’t learn it until a couple of days ago: in 2018, Mexican Government declared the third Saturday of March A National Tequila Day… and that’s, like, today šŸ˜€

It seems that in the US The National Tequila Day is June 24th… Americans can wait until then (or take a false start), but I urge you all to enjoy the glass of quality tequila šŸ˜€

I didn’t have time to prepare and dignify The Noble Mexican Spirit in this post properly… but I’ll make it up next year, I promise!

But now it’s time for Doom Patrol cocktails…




Top layer, green:

1 part Midori

2 parts vodka

1 part lemon juice

2nd top layer, red:

2 parts vodka

1 part De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb

1 part tomato juice

3rd top layer, purple:

3 parts Parfait Amour

2 parts Maraschino Luxardo

1 part Gammel Dansk

Bottom layer, yellow:

6 parts Advocaat

1 part Strega

Shake layers separately with ice and strain into a highball glass with some ice in it, from bottom to top in the correct order. Serve with a straw.

Kay Challis is truly as crazy as they come: 64 different personalities, all with different powers, competing over one single human body. Wow, that truly is a recipe for chaos and destruction.

I decided that the only way to approach this character is to design a layered drink… well, not 64 layers, but many… and the aromas in the layers should vary wildly. And all the better if the colours are “bit off”; the drink should cry out “CRAZY Jane”.

How to enjoy Crazy Jane The Cocktail? Do some exploring between the layers, check out which layer tastes the best after this-and-that layer… and once you’ve tried all sorts of combinations, stir the whole shebang together with your straw.



She might appear crazy as the shithouse rat (pardon my French)… but deep inside there is fragile young woman, Kay: she just wants to live her life, just like everybody else.

And that’s a thematic aspect of this drink… it looks crazy and it tastes crazy, all sorts of different aromas and colours, nothing makes sense… but once you take a good look onto her (stir the drink), Kay Challis can be seen.

After stirring, that quite normal-looking colour won’t change back, no matter how long you wait (Advocaat takes care of that). By the way, now all the aromas are mixed into one; it’s not bad, but… interesting.



The glass is in the middle of the picture; maybe I’ve should’ve taken the picture “from the corner of my eye” ;P

MR. NOBODY (for President!)

1 part cheap gin or mezcal, with stinging taste

1 part Triple Sec

1 part De Kyuper Blueberry

5 parts mineral water

dash of kirschwasser (don’t skip this!)

Build into a perfectly normal-looking highball glass, add ice.

Mr. Nobody is probably the weirdest character so far to claim his own drink in this blog… and that’s quite a challenge: how to depict the center figure of The Brotherhood of Dada?

I decided to use “strangeness and unpredictability” as my guideline, and here’s the result… it looks like a club soda, or maybe like common Tom Collins… but it is guaranteed to rise your eyebrows!

Note on kirschwasser… You can try the drink without it… it’s okay, still weird (in a good way), but adding a dash or two of kirschwasser, that german cherry booze with a kick-in-the-teeth-taste, “jolts” the drink onto the next level.


There are the Doom Patrol Cocktails, see you in a week or so šŸ˜€


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