Serpent Society, part 1/3 (Asp, Black Mamba)

Last time I promised to start my series of cocktails inspired by Serpent Society, focusing on female members only… so here we go.

Once all three parts are published, I’m gonna compile them in one handy compilation, and also update the megacompilation to include them. Check it out, and also other handy compilations in Recipes.

Now, let’s stick our noses to snake’s burrow…




How to depict Cleo Nefertiti’s paralyzing venom-bolts and the fact that she can charm snakes with her dancing, both in one drink?

4 parts vodka

3 parts lime juice

6 parts simple syrup

8 parts cream

2 to 3 parts Creme de Menthe

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass with lots of ice in it. Add straw, garnish with mint sprig.

This highball is pretty much like Mr. Freeze, one of my most praised creations… so I thought to reduce the lime to make room for the mint flavour (please feel free to cut down lime and add more Creme if you like). I think Asp is refreshing new look at “lime-and-cream”-base, please check it out.


If Asp The Cocktail is gentle but crafty (you don’t taste the alcohol, then it hits you… that’s my representation of “paralyzing”), the next one is even more treacherous…




“What’s this? A glass of Coke?” Nope, it’s a small dose of Darkforce!

4 parts coffee (let it cool down before preparing the drink)

3 parts Cynar

1 part Triple Sec

1 part simple syrup

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass. Add just a couple of ice cubes (don’t water it down).

Black Mamba packs sudden punch… but it’s not because of the high alcohol content, it’s the amount of coffee: it gives a delighful “jolt” 😀

About the coffee… I think espresso is wrong choice for this one, please use coffee with less intense flavour. For Finnish readers: use the same coffee you’re drinking regularly, prepared maybe little stronger than usual (Juhla Mokka, Presidentti etc.), nothing fancy here.

If you don’t have Cynar, you can substitute it with eg. Jägermeister, but then you might wanna cut down the simple syrup… and still it won’t be the same drink, yet decent. To be honest, I think Jäger is pretty awful, but that’s only my opinion… Cynar, on the other hand, is very nice, but unfortunately it might be a little hard to come by.


Asp and Black Mamba, two venomous snakes… maybe we’ll see constrictors next time…?


10 thoughts on “Serpent Society, part 1/3 (Asp, Black Mamba)”

  1. Yep, one more “not my thing, really, but…” -comment coming up! I know how much you appreciate these! 😀

    Mint. Yeah, no. But still… You’ve made me dangerously mint-curious, apparently. I blame the Poison Ivy cocktail, Kiss of Death (which I _really_ need to try again, just to make sure it’s the best thing ever). I would definitely try Asp. It has a wonderfully ice creamy feel, I´d say! And Black Mamba – hell yeah! It has coffee. Anything with coffee must be good. Good for the soul, good for the body.


    (BTW: Tiki season is fast approaching…)


    1. Mint flavour is pretty faint in Asp… but in the upcoming Anaconda it’s gonna be SUFFOCATING… along with chocolate 😀

      Black Mamba: yes, I’m content with that one… and so are the people who have tried it.


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