Inhumans, part 5… and then some (Karnak, Bane revisited)

With Karnak The Cocktail I’ll finish my journey with Inhumans for now… and I’ve compiled all Inhumans cocktails in one handy PDF, available for download in recipes and downloads.


4 parts smooth dark rum

1 part creme de cassis

1 part Aperol

Stir with ice and strain into a suitable small glass. Add one ice cube.

Karnak was the most challenging character in Inhumans cocktail-wise… how to depict intelligent and deliberative character? Finally I came up with this, something you are bound to sip slowly; something that has many levels – sweet and bitter, but everything is in harmony.

This drink is okay, I dare to publish it… but Karnak is one of those characters who will haunt me, demanding another try.

So, maybe we’ll get back to him in the future. In the meanwhile…


1 part Advocaat

1 part creme de menthe

up to 1 part gold tequila (see below)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

There’s basically nothing wrong with my first version of Bane: it’s not One of My Top Cocktails, but it’s okay. So why a second version?

To be honest… I was developing something else (I’m not telling what) when I realized the draft tasted like Venom! So, no other chance than to publish it as Bane 2.0.

Gold tequila… I personally prefer 1 part of cheap gold tequila, the classic Jose Cuervo works fine: I enjoy The Sting… but I guess many prefer something less intense. So, use little less tequila.

Enjoy your cocktails! 🙂

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