New hope or dark future? (Martha Washington, Spider Jerusalem)

I found myself reading good ol’ 90’s comics: edgy, grim… and oh so nineties! Let’s see what kind of ideas I got…


1 part Aperol

1,5 to 2 parts Luxardo Maraschino

2 parts extra dry vermouth

1 part vodka

Shake with ice and strain into a an old fashioned glass with some ice in it.

Martha Washington, Heroine on The Second Civil War. Her namesake drink is suitable for chilling out after one more victory, be it against degenerated rednecks or whatever xenophobics.


Top layer, red:

4 parts gin (cheap and stingy)

2 parts De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb

1 part Aperol

Bottom layer, green:

Pisang ambon and (cheap) whisky, 50-50

Creme de menthe, for taste

tequila blanco, for taste

Shake parts separately with ice and layer into a cocktail glass.

Spider drinks (among other things) gin, whisky and tequila: all of them lethally strong, and equally cheap. I felt I had no choice, I got to include all those three ingredients in his drink 🙂

Even though S.J. The Cocktail is a tribute to horrific dystopia the infamous reporter lives in and his even more horrific drinking habits, it doesn’t mean the cocktail has taste disgusting. Sure, it has an acquired taste, but I think it’s okay.

Red and green, of course, are tribute to Spider’s glasses… and this drink also contains optical illusion: it has two distinctive layers, but if you gaze it from above…

Slight tint of red, but it looks green? I didn’t design this, it was just a lucky accident.

What will future bring to us? Some hope for the better future, or monstrous dystopia filled with fear and distrust?

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