Mean Women (Giganta, Hellcat)

Two summer drinks coming up. Both of them revolve around the mixture of Amaretto and banana liqueur, so no need to buy myriad of different ingredients to try these.

Both of todays characters are mean: not necessarily baddies, they are just not to be horsed around with.

About the banana liqueur in these drinks… The preferred colour is yellow. Giganta’s attire is either yellow-black or leopard pattern; Hellcat’s tights are yellow-black. If you really want to represent character’s colour theme in their drinks down to the last detail, use black straws etc.



Bumblebee decoration really had nothing to do with Giganta, I just added it on a whim.


1 part yellow banana liqueur

1 part Amaretto

1 part white rum

3 parts pineapple juice

dash of Angostura bitters

Shake with ice and strain into the big highball glass with lot of ice in it. Nice (but lethal) summer refreshment, garnish accordingly.

Giganta sure is mean… and she could swat you like a bug in an instant. Her namesake drink doesn’t taste “mean”, far from it, but the size of the serving (which, of course, has to be huge) and the amount of “hidden alcohol” somewhere in there sure is a mean thing to do: this highball packs a punch, but you’ll probably concentrate on Amaretto+banana-taste… suddenly you’ll get slapped by The Might of Giganta.




Prepare a frappe: cool suitable thick small glasses in the freezer beforhand. Fill them with crushed/shaven ice, then quickly prepare the drink.

1 part yellow banana liqueur

1 part Amaretto

dash of Tabasco sauce

Shake vigorously with ice and strain into the ice-filled glasses. Serve with a straw.

Unlike Giganta, Hellcat isn’t one of the baddies… but as her name suggests, she is the embodiment of the word “mean”. Sweet combo of almond and banana, as in Giganta, but enhanced with a Tabasco kick.

Tabasco isn’t just a cheap trick to insert “The Essence of Hellcat” to this drink. The combination of these two liqueurs is, of course, intolerably sweet. In Giganta the sweetness is cut down with pineapple, rum and Angostura bitters. In frappes the melting ice of course does dilute the sweetness, but Tabasco really “gives a spine” to the whole shebang.


“Reading comics is childish”, some might say. “Reading superhero comics is really childish”, they might add. Well, next time we are going to dive even deeper, getting total infants 🙂


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